San Francisco AIDS Foundation condemns House passage of the American Health Care Act

A statement from Joe Hollendoner, CEO of San Francisco AIDS Foundation

May 4, 2017

The House vote today to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA) undermines the ability of people living with HIV to access affordable health insurance and sadly perpetuates the health disparities faced by individuals here in California and in states across the country. The AHCA will cause 24 million individuals to lose their coverage under Medicaid and health insurance.

Thousands of Californians who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through expansion of Medicaid now risk losing that coverage. AHCA modifies Medicaid and will force the states to limit eligibility and care.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation now looks to the U.S. Senate as our last hope for Americans living with HIV by protecting the care and treatment that their lives depend upon. We call on the U.S. Senate to reject the AHCA, and to protect Medicaid, Medicare provisions that lower the cost of medications, and coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions.

We will continue to fight against this legislation and demand that the U.S. Senate #ProtectOurCare. Join us in protecting the lives of people living with HIV: Contact your senator by email or phone.

We ask you to take action and stand with us at a time when resources for HIV prevention, treatment and care may become scarcer and the demand may increase. Support our programs and policy work, and ensure that San Francisco moves forward, not backward, toward becoming the first major city in the world to end the AIDS epidemic.



Here’s how you can take action right now!

Call your U.S. Senator at 866-426-2631 and tell them to OPPOSE the American Health Care Act and any version of the bill that increases the number of uninsured, cuts Medicaid expansion, decreases the quality of care, and weakens federal protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Tell them it’s time to drop the campaign to repeal the ACA and #ProtectOurCare!

Here’s what you can say:

Hello my name is _______ and I live in [city & state]. I am a person [living with HIV /concerned about HIV]. I am calling to demand that you vote against the American Health Care Act. The American Health Care Act will hurt people living with and vulnerable to HIV by making it harder and more expensive to get the care they need. All Americans deserve better. I urge you to support people living with and vulnerable to HIV and oppose the American Health Care Act. It is time to drop this harmful campaign to repeal the ACA.

Send an email to your senator and tell them to oppose the American Health Care Act and any version of the bill that would cause millions to lose their coverage, cuts Medicaid expansion, diminishes the quality of care, or strips away protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Add your own story to the pre-written email to make your message even more compelling.


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