Tell your California state senator to vote YES on AB 186

Tell your state senator to vote YES on AB 186

August 31, 2017

The California State Senate will soon vote on a bill that will allow pilot programs for safe consumption services (SCS) in a limited number of California jurisdictions. SCS are hygienic spaces for people to use pre-obtained controlled substances under the supervision of trained staff. SCS are a proven public health intervention that reduce HIV and hepatitis C transmission and incidents of overdose.

Overdose deaths in our country are at crisis levels, and policymakers in California have proposed a sound and evidence-based policy solution to begin to address the issue.

AB 186, put forward by Assemblymember Eggman from Stockton, passed the California State Assembly in June with bipartisan support. This historic bill is supported by drug treatment providers, HIV and hepatitis groups including San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the Drug Policy Alliance, and others.

Safe consumption sites save lives, reduce drug use in public places, and increase opportunities for people who use drugs to connect to treatment and housing programs.


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