Training Ride: South Bay CAT 2 Series Ride - Sunol (70 mi)
Starbucks Parking Lot

Meet Time:
7:00 AM
Ride-Out Time:  7:30 AM
Miles: 70
Category: Category 2 - Medium pace (10-12 mph)
Terrain: 2 - rolling hills 
Rain Policy: 
Heavy Rain Cancels


The South Bay Cat 2 Series is designed to gradually increase in distance and difficulty each week until you are ready for a century and more importantly the rigors and adventure of the ALC ride in June. It is designed to be the core block of training for riders who will supplement this training with other workouts.

This week's fun filled adventure will take us out of the South bay and into the East bay, well to the southern portion at least. We will ride into Palo Alto and make our way across the Dumbarton Bridge, afterward we will have a rest stop and then make our way to the quaint town of Sunol, were again we will refill our water bottles.

We will climb Mission Peak and stop for lunch before making our way back to Sunnyvale via Fremont, Milpitas and Santa Clara. This ride is very similar to an ALC day in that we will encounter much of the same type of riding we do on "the" ride.

This is a Category 2 ride (10-12 mph) and the terrain is mostly flat with a few climbs here and there. As always no one gets left behind! Come join us for the good times and fun

A route sheet for this ride can be found HERE

REQUIRED ITEMS FOR ALL ALC TRAINING RIDES (in addition to your bike!):
A Bike Helmet
2 water bottles or 1 hydration pack (like a Camelbak)- 1 bottle should be filled with an electrolyte replacement drink.
Bike Frame Pump
Tire Irons
Patch Kit or Spare Tube
A snack (energy bars are good and quick!)

Facilitator: Randy Files (email if the rsvp button doesn't work for you)
Kirk Rivera, Bernard Cabigon, Lynn McComas, Ken Plough

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Time: 7:00 AM
Starbucks Parking Lot
1291 S. Mary Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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