Training Ride (SF/Marin) CAT 2 Series Saturday- Lagunitas (52mi)
Sports Basement Presidio (in the back by the loading dock)

Meet Time: 7:30 AM
Ride-Out Time:  8:15 AM
Miles: 52
Category: Category 2 - Medium pace (10-12 mph)
Terrain: 3 - rolling hills with some steep climbs
Rain Policy: Rain Cancels

You've made it this far - a 1/2 century at 50+ miles!  Go you! Go Riders!

This ride takes the Fairfax ride and supplements by adding White's Hill, which is a bit more daunting, but no less doable, to what you've been doing for the past few weeks.  

The route to get there takes us north across the bridge through Sausalito, Ross and San Anselmo to Fairfax, but after a brief respite, we are going to continue on.

We hit White's Hill a mile or two north of Fairfax. It's about a mile long with an average grade of 8-9%, which can be tough going but you can do it!  

Remember to breathe, pace and think why you're doing this and how proud you'll feel afterward.

White's is very similar to Quadbuster, aka the most challenging hill on the Ride itself some would say, (but some people do Quadbuster 10x over for amusement mind you).

So, this is great ride to practice hills on. After White's we stay on Sir Francis Drake (the road, not the man, the myth or the legend) until we get to Lagunitas the town (which can be easily missed). Here, we'll stop at the Lagunitas Market & Deli for lunch.  There's some hot food there and a variety of drinks and the such.

Coming back we just simply turn around and double back on where we just came from - a bit of history repeating no?

The good news though is that White's is relatively easy on the way back up.  The bad news is that the paving on the way down is all weird and not what a logical person would expect - damn those road engineers.  

But you can tackle this.  Just remember: (1) watch your speed and riders ahead of you; (2) you can feather your brakes if need be; (3) that you can take the whole road if you need [see, e.g., Cal. Vehicle Code section 22100 et seq.]; and, (4) if it's wet/slippery take special care.

Given that this has been a dastardly El Nino year, please check back with us the night before about the possibility of rain.  As sunshine TRLs we'll do our best to summon sun.

In any case, TRLs will be there to meet you at the Sports Basement to advise what we'll do it it's raining or threatening to. We may rearrange a ride to suit the conditions so stick around.  

PLEASE note this is a Cat-2 ride with an average pace of 10-12 mph.  If you cannot do this rate or have not done this distance at this pace recently you may consider an alternative ride as this is a significant distance and the day will be much longer.

As usual, please come dressed and equipped properly with your helmet, spare tubes, bike pump, filled tires, water bottles, energy drink/food and gu and layers if rain or cold is expected.  Let us know if you have questions and happy riding!

Facilitator: Kevin K. Ho (email if the rsvp button doesn't work for you)
Co-leaders: Laura Cappello, Deyon Jonson, Dan Dodd, Matt Trojnar, Jeff Mellen, Matt Mattozi,
Mark Troy, Michael Cook,, Ian Menzies, Paul Whitcomb


Time: 7:30 AM
Sports Basement (back of building)
610 Old Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94129

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