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Your contribution will make a real difference in the life of thousands of clients we serve each year. Because of your support, our free services can continue to support community health and provide hope.

Mobile Syringe & Health Sites $2,000 donation

$2,000 fuels our mobile syringe & health sites for over one year, allowing us to reach diverse communities across the City.

HIV Education $1,000 donation

$1,000 funds one weekend-long seminar where people recently diagnosed with HIV can learn more about living healthily with HIV.

HIV and STI testing $750 donation

$750 provides our sexual health team with the supplies needed to offer HIV and STI screenings for 84 people.

Client Programs $500 donation

$500 enables 50 long-term survivors who lived through the early years of the HIV epidemic to connect with and learn from each other.

Client Groups $250 donation

$250 enables 20 trans and gender non-binary clients to meet weekly and build meaningful connections.

Counseling Services $100 donation

$100 provides 10 gay, bi, and queer Black men with one-on-one counseling support services for one month.

Custom Contribution $100 minimum