Shifting Gears Cycling Powered by CycleBar
Shifting Gears Cycling Powered by CycleBar

Shifting Gears Powered by CycleBar



“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but believe”.

We believe nothing is impossible. We want everyone to feel the success of achieving their goals.

Join Shifting Gears Cycling and CycleBar Culver City

gor your progressive Training  

We will work with each of you to accomplish your goals:

  • Spin Classes at CYCLEBAR 
  • Fund-raising opportunities
  • Cycling skills workshops
  • Nutritional clinics
  • Cycling routes/ rides to build up your Endurance, Strength & Flexibility
  • A Team of TRL Veterans to support you throughout your training.
  • Take a Spin Class with use @ CycleBar and if you've tried one you'll love it. 
  • Flat Tire Clinics
  • Packing Demos
  • Cycling Shopping list 
  • Team Discounts
  • Learn how to clip in & out of your pedals. 
  • Learn how to climb Hills and love it!

Be a part of Shifting Gears Cycling’s determination to achieve your goal.  Ride with us and tell us your stories; our hearts are open to all!! 



Doreen Gonzales

Steph Sklar-Mulcahy

Stanley Appleman



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