Trudging Buddies

The Trudging Buddies are a group of sober riders, roadies, their families and friends. We build a community of support for sober riders and roadies who participate in AIDS/LifeCycle, a 7-day, 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to LA. We ride for those who can’t, those who don’t and those who never got the chance.

Veteran riders often use the term “love bubble” to describe the unique sense of belonging created among fellow riders and roadies on AIDS/LifeCycle. Every year, we get the opportunity to be of maximum service as we journey down the coast of California and we get to share that experience with a community of people who share our common goal of ending AIDS.

Due to the tremendous generosity of our donors, Trudging Buddies have raised over ONE MILLION DOLLARS to support the incredible, life-changing work of Los Angeles LGBT Center and San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

If you’ve ever thought about joining Trudging Buddies on our incredible adventure of love and service, THIS IS THE YEAR. Or consider being a part of the backbone of AIDS/LifeCycle and join us as a Roadie. Click the orange JOIN TEAM to the right. If you can’t join us this year, please give generously to support our riders.

Together we can make HIV/AIDS a thing of the past.

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