Team Kink

Team Kink is an all-inclusive group that celebrates all the flavors that love comes in. We advocate for the kink practices of:

 SSC – safe, sane and consensual kink

 RACK - risk aware consensual kink

After all, sex should be a consensual, fun, and safe adventure for everyone, no matter their preference.

We are working on finalizing some awesome sponsors for this year including not-for profit groups who provide information and education about kink as well as sex positive psychotherapists, amazing athletic trainers & chiropractors and kink friendly clubs, cafés and stores. If you are interested in being one of our awesome sponsors, contact us at

If you see us on the road, feel free to ask about our sponsors (whose logos appear on our bike jerseys) or ask that kink question you always wanted to. We might not know the answer, but can point you to someone who does.

Remember: Ride safe, be safe - both on your bike and in the bedroom!

 To make a donation, please select one (or more!) team members below. 

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