TogetheRide 2021

New Bear Republic!

New Bear Republic! is a team of AIDS/LifeCycle cyclists and roadies raising money to fight HIV/AIDS in partnership with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Los Angeles LGBT Center.

We are open to all who share our core values. We support and encourage others, build community, practice safety and good humor on the road, and wear bear ears on our helmets.

We are made up of caring individuals from all walks of life and from all over the world. We train hard and fundraise harder, because we believe in helping others and are committed to being a part of the forces that will one day bring an end to HIV/AIDS.

Core Values
As Inspired by Thilo Hubner

We are Grateful -
Grateful for the opportunity to participate in AIDS/LifeCycle - to be healthy and to prioritize the time to participate
Grateful for the people who support us - husbands, wives, partners, donors, family, friends, coworkers
Grateful for Staff and Roadies, and their support throughout the training season and while on the Ride

We are Generous -
It’s better to give than to receive
Generous with our time
Generous with our humor
Generous with our energy
Generous with our emotions
Generous with our support - compliment Roadies, Cyclists, Staff
Be generous in all ways possible

We are Compassionate -
Take care of each other, take care of your teammates, take care of others
Help change a tire, share your water, check in with someone if you find they are struggling
Share a consensual hug
Be patient and kind
Take care of yourself - ride safe, be safe, check in with yourself

Reflect and be in the moment
Share the experience
Remember to remember

Gratitude. Generosity. Compassion.
We Are New Bear Republic!

On this page you can click on your favorite team members and make a donation of support. Your support keeps us pedaling from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Here is just some of the ways that donations go into action:

  • $10,000 helps provide counseling services for more than 250 clients.
  • $5,000 helps keep the HIV testing RV rolling for one year.
  • $2,500 helps four HIV-positive people receive stable housing for one month.
  • $1,000 helps provide two Community Education Forums where 150 individuals can learn more about HIV.
  • $250 helps provide ten rapid HIV antibody tests at a testing site.
  • $175 helps provide case management for 15 HIV-positive clients who are homeless.
  • $150 helps provide 1,000 syringes through the street-based Syringe Access Services.
  • $100 helps provide the travel cost for a Treatment Advocacy Coordinator to attend the medical appointments of 25 clients, provide moral support, and help clients advocate for themselves.
  • $25 helps a financial benefits counselor assist one person in navigating the private and public benefits systems.
  • $10 helps provide 143 condoms to the SFAF and LA LGBT Center's service sites.

Be a New Bear Republic hero today! Every dollar helps!


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