The Pork Pedalers

Come join us on May 8th at CycleBar WeHo for our Eurovision Spin Contest! Learn more at

The Pork Pedalers are a ragtag gang of awesome spread across the country and dedicated to helping end the fight against HIV with your help. We're laid back. We look out for each other. And we also happen to think bacon is a national treasure. We're upping our game this year with more training rides and more awesome selfless cyclists & roadies than ever before. Want to be part of the fun? 

Check out our team website for more info about what we're up to and news about upcoming rides. You're always welcome to spin with us on the road. And if we deem your love of pork to be true of heart, we'll pass you a plate of chiccarones and ask you to join our cause. If you're fundraising for AIDS/LifeCycle, you can be a Pork Pedaler whether you're a roadie or a cyclist.

We look forward to training hard and fundraising even harder to win the fight against HIV/AIDS. We belong here. There's a good chance that you do, too. Remember: Bacon is magic! (and so is spandex)

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